The PreSurfer client/server architecture takes care about a secure and reliable communication between the PreSurfer server part and the attached PreSurfer clients using operating system services and TCP/IP protocols. The PreSurfer server manages all licenses available in your license pool.


If a user starts a Bentley product, the PreSurfer service verifies if the same product is running already on that client. If so the PreSurfer will start the Bentley product again because they can be run unlimited times on the same client.

If a user starts a Bentley product, the PreSurfer service verifies if a second entity of the same product is already in use on that client. If so, the PreSurfer informs the Client and releases the entity again, as it is possible to run an unlimited quantity of entities on one client.


In case the user does not have an entity of the product in use, the PreSurfer server will be asked for a license. If a license is available, it will be transferred accordingly. If there is no license available, the corresponding client receives a message and informes the user accordingly. The start of a Bentley-product will be interrupted. If a license is awarded by PreSurfer server, a minute-by-minute heartbeat will check, if the client furthermore is available. If there is no feedback from the client to the PreSurfer server, the server acts as if the client would have been shut down or in standby. The license only will be given, if the Bentley product on this client is closed.


In order to understand the current license capacity, the user might use PreSurfer WaveMonitor. It serves as a cockpit for the client and shows, beside the Bentley products in use, also other products and licenses currently used. It can be choosen between a tabularly and a graphical view. Supplementary the availability of licenses inclusive calculation of the „next availability“ can be shown.

PreSurfer WaveMonitor offers an overview of usages in real time, in order to communicate actively within the CAD-team or to meet agreements with regards to licenses. For a concious (over)exploitation of certain Bentley-products resp. licenses the administrator might allow Open Access for the client, whereas other Bentley products stay within the license control of PreSurfer.

What PreSurfer offers

  • Support of the complete Bentley product portfolio, meaning also Speedikon, OpenRoads, sisNET etc

  • Citrix ready

  • Control of all kind of Bentley software calls (double-click on one DGN in Windows-Explorer, call via an icon, start of an addin or MDL in MicroStation, etc.)

  • Start of any quantity of instances of the same product on the same device

  • Compliance with Bentley-restrictions and Bentley-license block

  • Presentation of current use of Bentley products resp. licenses in real time via using the integrated PreSurfer WaveMonitor and much more

und vieles mehr