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To manage company-relevant data and processes over the complete lifecycle is our personal concern. Together with you we care for safe data in your system – no matter if it concerns quality or revision – as well as efficient and transparent processes.


Concerning CAD-data, documents or emails -we offer the suitable solution, tested on-road and in a nutshell.


Being partner of companies like Altiva Software, Autodesk, Bentley Systems und ELO Digital Office we offer analysis, structure and optimisation of business processes, piloting and implementing of supporting software solutions from the individual and intense training of users to a secure and flexible support on-site, all from one source.

Eighty specialists worldwide care for a verfiable increase of the technical and economical efficiency in companies.


Our employees stand out for long-lasting realistic experiences and profund professional competence in the areas analysis and conception, processes and guidelines, project management, training and change management.


Professional experiences with leading references, adequate seniority and a high competency for solutions complete their profiles.


Excerpt from our satisfied customers who work with the PreSurfer for Bentley Licenses:

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