Background information

In January 2014 Bentley Systems initiated the new SELECT Open Access program. Existing customers with a current SELECT contract have been transferred automatically into the new SELECT program at their next contract renewal.


An important change was and still is the allocation of licenses. Previously, users attempting to start the software would be rejected if all licenses in the license pool were in use. Now, an additional license is generated and the software will start normally. Even products for which no license exists are at the disposal of users. If extra licenses are used Bentley will send automatically an “over usage” invoice charging 14% of the product list price per Quarter.

The PreSurfer for Bentley license management was developed on customer request in 2014 and is an essential component for any large engineering enterprise.

Advantages of SELECT Open Access

For some companies it might be a huge advantage to use more licenses than actually acquired. Especially for project related peaks there’s no need to invest directly into additional perpetual licenses.

With Open Access you get the following benefits:


  • Immediately access any software application you need
    (portfolio-wide access)

  • eliminates the purchasing barriers to the most effective software utilization so that all Bentley applications are “instant-on” and at your service

  • on-demand and live training in the virtual classroom for new users through Bentley LEARN

  • Any usage of Bentley applications in excess of license pools is conveniently and automatically invoiced at the end of each calendar quarter

  • License usage reports


Please note that SELECT Open Access is mandatory for Bentley Users. In order to prevent an unintentional usage you can combine SELECT Open Access with PreSurfer.


The current SELECT Open Access registration form is available in the download area on this website.

Combine the technologies

PreSurfer for Bentley Licenses especially has been developed for organizations that neither have the corresponding need nor are ready to cope with unplanned extra costs, or want to combine and manage the technologies.


Implementing PreSurfer to manage your Bentley Licenses in your IT-environment, you will take full control of your licenses wether or not to deploy extra licenses at project peaks.


Be always the master of decisions and costs.

License Clocking

In mid 2016 Bentley changed the license clocking for hosted products using the integrated License-Management-Tool 9.2 or higher from 60 minutes to 10 minutes.
As many organizations run Bentley applications in several versions from SS3 to SS4 or Connect SS5 a manual control of the license usage is neither manageable nor economic.


The PreSurfer for Bentley Licenses takes control for you and provides exactly those licenses that are available in your License pool in the context of the new and old clocking.


Further information regarding the new clocking is available in the FAQ License Clocking 2016 in our download area on this website.

The new Cloud Service Subscription (CSS)

Bentley Systems started in spring 2017 a comprehensive subscription program called the Cloud Services Subscription (CSS). Within CSS you can subscribe to all of the applications, hosted and on-premises services, cloud services, and managed services required for project delivery or operation of any type of infrastructure.


Using the new Bentley Cloud Services Subscription Program organisation are able to subscribe one or all offers within a yearly established budget, payable in advance.


Cloud Services Subscription cares for a predictability when budgeting the yearly expenditures for software. It is a program where organisations pay quarterly only for software and services that also are used in reality.


  • Organisations limit their total premium paid on a yearly budget that predictively corresponds to usage


  • Only services that are really used will be charged on a quarterly basis from the subscription credit


  • The subscription credit never expires meaning if the real usage does not correspond to the predicted usage, the residual deposit will be transferred


Please find further information with regards to the new Cloud Service Subscription in our flyer at the download area.